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Yuki clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)

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Yuki clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)

Post by Samui Yuki on Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:22 am

Yuki clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)

         Clan Description ::
The Yuki is one of the prestigious and original clans of the Hidden Mist village, its foundation dating all the way back to the first establishment of the village itself. It is arguably the strongest clan the village has to offer because of the clan members usage over the advanced nature kekkei genkai, the Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton). The clan members are known to be ruthless and aggressive, comparing them to the icy element the Mist village's popularity as a ruthless village.

         Clan History ::
One of the original prestige clans of Kirigakure, the Yuki clan have seen it all when it comes to the village and its many turmoils. Originally the clan though was somewhat looked down upon and feared cause of their ice release, albeit as the clan proved its worth by protecting the village many times over, the villagers grew to accept them.

Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton)

         Kekkei Genkai Name :: Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton)

         Kekkei Genkai Description ::
Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton; Viz "Ice Style") is the advanced nature kekkei genkai of the Yuki clan, and allows the users to combine wind and water-based chakra to create and manipulate ice, forming it into various structures. When the user releases their chakra, the surrounding vicinity becomes could enough to cause snow to fall. The ice Haku could create was extremely resistant to fire-based attacks, only melting slightly when coming into contact with Sasuke's flames.

As shown by Haku, as a child, he could also manipulate the form of nearby water. Additionally, any nearby water is an advantage, as the user can simply freeze that water to create ice. Using his special ability, Haku developed the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, which allowed him to create any number of floating mirrors made of ice to use as a shield or trap an opponent.

         Kekkei Genkai Techniques ::

Jutsu Name::
Jutsu Type::
Jutsu Rank ::
Jutsu Affinity::
Jutsu Description::

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Samui Yuki
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Re: Yuki clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)

Post by Samui Yuki on Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:06 pm

Bump? The techniques will be on individual members' character profiles.
Samui Yuki
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Re: Yuki clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)

Post by Rogue Akiyo on Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:02 pm

[Clan Approved]

Note: If there are any techniques unique to this clan only, you should go ahead and post them here.

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Re: Yuki clan (雪一族, Yuki Ichizoku)

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