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Amazoness Clan

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Amazoness Clan

Post by VALKYRIE on Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:40 am

Amazoness Clan

Clan Description :: The Amazons, a group of women alone, whom lived on Amazon island which was south-west of the large shinobi nations. Distancing themselves from the rest of the shinobi world, the Amazons made a life for themselves, surviving off of nature. They had thought there children as soon as they were born how to fight so that they could survive the many wild animals on the land and more importantly as a measure in fear that someday the shinobi world might decide to invade them. They were blessed with above average shinobi capabilities, to the point where a young Amazoness had strength comparable to a grown man who wasn't a Amazon. The Amazons life span is also three times that of a regular humans. Amazons are known to have great amounts of charisma.

Clan History :: The Amazons weren't always apart of the Amazon island as they are today. The first clan members were originally all members of their own little village which existed just on the outskirt of Tsuchigakure. Back then they were simply a clan with their abilities. They had used their field ability to make it impossible for anyone from the outside to enter or attack them without their permission. The Tsuchikage then had told them many a times they could just be apart of the Rock village, albeit they had turn him down generously enough, still providing help to the village in small amounts.

The area which the Amazons village occupied though was sat upon the largest gold mine in the world. And unfortunately, while the Tsuchikage knew this, when the other villages got word of it, the Amazons were not to have a moment of peace. The other villages had started trying to get their hands on such a abundant gold mine. The Amazons, with help from Tsuchigakure had averted many casualties, albeit when a few of the villages had finally decided to join forces, they had finally overcome the village and the protective barrier place on it by the Amazon leader.

Many of the Amazons had died that day over a hundred years ago, albeit the Tsuchikage had helped half a ] dozen of them to escape. The villages, enraged, sought to kill the Amazons entirely, albeit setting them off on a boat, the Tsuchikage watched as they sailed away south-west. When the remaining Amazons had finally found themselves on a deserted island, the six surviving Amazons had reach a conclusion: start a new civilization. The twelve of them had used what they could from the island to develop the island into a suitable living environment.

Albeit, the one problem with building a civilization with only women though was obvious. The Tsuchikage had was sure to visit them though, and although weird, with a laugh, he had agreed to help them repopulate their clan. He was generous enough to donate enough sperm for them to reproduce their clans a few times over. Giving birth to a few children and raised them from the island, the clan repopulated their clan bit by bit. They had once more place a protective barrier over their territory. Living on the island was not as easy as it sounded though. The island while mostly unknown to most of the world, was in fact large, but was left alone because of what was there. Beasts of unfathomable power made it their hope, but the amazons were a power clan and survive, while training their young to survive in future year and in fear that someday the other villages would come after them again. For some reason they were only able to conceive children, but that didn't bother them one bit as they restarted their clan with only six women so having a clan of women only felt appropriate.

That was exactly a hundred years ago, and today the six Amazons who helped repopulate the clan would forever then be known as the "Six Legendary Valkyries".

Ryōiki (領域, Space)

Kekkei Genkai Name :: Ryōiki (領域, Space)

Kekkei Genkai Description :: The Ryōiki which is a ability exclusive to them enables them to further display their natural affinity for war and especially their possessive and controlling mindset by inducing various effects around them. By using their will they can create widespread fields of chakra, ranging from a radius of a few feet to up to one hundred meters, with them acting as the epicenter. It doesn't take long for the field to reach its full radius, traveling at one hundred miles per hour.

Once used, anyone or thing within the field of effect becomes subject to the effects of the field dispersed. The abilities of the fields are near limitless, which is why the clan's abilities are so dangerous. These effects can range from causing anyone within the field to become tired and fatigue, to very well making it impossible for them and herself to use their chakra based abilities. The fields don't affect the user though, such as a healing field will only heal those around them, unless another Ryōiki user, uses their field around them. Albeit, based on how powerful a field is though it can have detrimental effects on the user.

The clan though has many drawbacks to their abilities. The members of the clan are also incapable of using any other ninja techniques besides their fields or physical abilities, such as taijutsu or kenjutsu. When used, unless using a field to hide their chakra, the users chakra becomes much more prominent than any other chakras, making it easy to track them. The most prominent flaw of the clan's special ability though is that after each use of the clan's techniques, dependent on how supplemental the field is there is a period in which they can't use any field abilities, this is dependent on posts out of character.

Kekkei Genkai Techniques ::
Jutsu Name:: Area of Protection
Jutsu Type:: Kekkei Genkai
Jutsu Rank:: D-S
Jutsu Affinity:: None
Jutsu Description:: Once used, anyone within the user's area will be shielded from anything outside of the bubble during the duration of this technique. Each corresponding rank of the technique can endure one technique of that rank before being destroyed. Standard conditions apply whereby the longer the user keeps up the field, the longer the cool-down will be.

Jutsu Name:: Area of Illusion
Jutsu Type:: Kekkei Genkai, Genjutsu
Jutsu Rank:: B
Jutsu Affinity:: None
Jutsu Description:: Once used, anyone within the user's area will become induced into a genjutsu of the user's choosing. This effect can be dispelled with the use of genjutsu kai as it follows the same principle as genjutsu, albeit one user breaking the genjutsu will not hinder this skill's effects on others. Standard conditions apply whereby the longer the user keeps up the field, the longer the cool-down will be.

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Re: Amazoness Clan

Post by Daisuke on Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:50 am


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