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Yamazaki, Yasumi

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Yamazaki, Yasumi

Post by Yasumi on Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:35 am

[Yamazaki, Yasumi]

Character Age :: 41
Character Gender :: Female  
Character Village ::  Kirigakure
Character Rank ::  Mizukage

Character Appearance ::

Body Build: Yasumi's height is somewhere between short and tall, but some would recall it being a little tall, but still short. An oxymoron like that would set her off any day, as she would consider it to be tall. She stands at five feet and seven inches tall exact, and weighs exactly one hundred and twenty eight pounds. For those who are completely strong or thinks their strong in terms of strength, would think she just weighs much like a feather. Being light would mean being quicker, right? Done with her height and weight, comes to her actual body build. Yasumi holds off a curvy, yet a little bit of having a study type of body image at a matured age, with the help of maintaining a good diet. She is shown to have some muscles within her arms, showing that she held a husky portrayal. Her stomach also seems to have a slender image, aligned fitly with the rest of her body, with a bowing envisage. Yasumi finally has a pale complexity, silky and smooth, as if it a baby's bottom, or warm, sugared milk.

Hair: Yasumi first has long, pink hair that goes midway on her back. The style of her hair is often straight at the top, and as running down wavy, or just mostly wavy. Her bangs can be set in many different ways, but it can be often seen as multiple little bangs. Yasumi's hair can be done in many different styles as she pleases to be. From braiding with one strand or two, to making it absolutely curly, and to even tying it up. Her ponytail can also be done in many different ways. Her ponytail could either be: on the top of her head, with one tail on top, and the rest still maintaining its original form; On the back, only having one strand or some strands of hair tied up to be a ponytail and the rest still being all out like the first part of her little ponytail stage; simply tying all of her hair into one single tail. This could be done either on the left side, right side, or backside of her head.

Face: Unlike her family members that wields green eyes, Yasumi actually possesses natural, crystal eyes that differ from her families for whatever reason. N with thee pupil of her eyes black. The size of her eyes are well-rounded, as she carries thin eyebrows. Again to separate herself from her family, Yasumi's ears are what seems to be a tiny bit pointy on the pinna and helix. She has somewhat to have a small nose with short nostrils, which is of course, still noticeable and can't be hard to miss, with its shape being in between the boundaries of round and pointy, with some piercings on her left ear. Yasumi also contains a good lengthened, soft lips, with white, and healthy teeth. Her jawlines appear to be mostly straight down off the bat, with her chin, again, being in between the boundaries of round and pointy.

Outfits: Now, Yasumi is literally a fashion freak. She doesn't just stick to one outfit. In fact, she likes to go creative and claims she has a sense of fashion. One of her main outfits however, are seen at the picture above, as she likes to maintain an elegant and high authority image


Character Personality ::  

Yasumi often likes to differ herself from other women, or just other people. She doesn't go all determining if an ally is hurt. She doesn't act all happy around others, nor does she act all strict in front of others. Of course, she likes to set off some strict rules to help maintain balance within the village, Yasumi herself isn't that disciplined. She has her ups, and she has her downs; loyalty to deceiving she can be. Yasumi can be friendly if she wants to, or she could be rude if she wants you. Her persona goes back to back with contradicting and controverting traits that makes her look like as if she's all clustered up. Her moods might change back to back for all we know.

First, Yasumi can admit she has been a spoiled brat her whole life. But up until now, the woman has become a gentlewoman; someone who can show off maturity. She can be seen with someone who has a laid back expression, with a soft smile on her lips. She often likes to display elegance, as she comes from a upper-ish classed family, from head to toe. She even shows it in her voice. It naturally runs in the family for her, as proof to say that she didn't really have a good childhood, but still managed to pull off a strong, sophisticated image to show off for the Yamazaki family.

The woman is also civilized. As being the Mizukage, it's her job to help not only protect her village, but to protect what's inside of it. For minor problems, such as shinobis from this very village fighting for example, Yasumi would have to lightly take care of the issue. She doesn't have any plans to encourage the problem as much as she wants to to see some drama, but that would show off a horrible image of being Mizukage, although she may be slowly progressing to that point. She can be a serious woman who wants to get her work done on point with high expectations of respect, and doesn't like to consider bullshit as a response.

She can also be seen as someone who appears friendly on the outside. Showing off a graceful smile, appearing and speaking in a calm attitude, along with being let loose, she could appear be someone who can make some good friends, and someone who can give good advice. She could also be someone who's free spirit, meaning she could play games, or just having an easy-going type of attitude. Also, Yasumi can be energetic, as she can be bouncy, despite holding an elegant image. Being adventurous is another trait that some people may like about her. She likes the adrenaline that goes through her body, and the wind brushing all over. If she can have a speech about it, she can say it's fun.

Despite that she has some good sides, Yasumi can also have some downfalls. For example, being materialistic. From an upperish type of family, Yasumi would always want goods, such as money for example, in which she believes it's the ultimate source of happiness. Now, although some people may say money can't really buy happiness, the Mizukage would think otherwise. To her, expensive goods and such is what she needs in order to make her happy, because let's face it, who doesn't want an overly priced cute shirt? It's usually clothing that makes her a mostly materialist, but that doesn't stop her from trying to get other goods, such as food, drinks, or even weapons for a change.

The Mizukage can also be shown to be a perfectionist. Yes, this woman believes in perfectionism. In other words, it's all about perfection. Perfection is something she strives for, in terms of her social life, such as her skills like flexibility for example, or for combat, such as strength and speed. As being the kage, she would often think highly of herself, and can sometimes disrespect others, including high authorities. Being born to a somewhat upper class family, she would always displays a sophisticated tone, and has the ability to become well-mannered and matured, despite her disrespect.

Now, as being a perfectionist, this can mean she thinks she's better than everyone else in terms of... well, everything. However, that doesn't mean she simply expresses it. At times, she can express her bitchiness towards others. As being someone who has been raised by that type of family, yet went through a horrible experience since childhood, she would try to act smart by using high vocab to either confuse others, or by all means, just insult them without even knowing a damn for what each words mean. It would all depend on the person she's talking to. Regardless, Yasumi would disrespect indirectly without the person even realizing it. She could show off her diva side here and there.

Also, at times where things can't be so civilized as Yasumi hoped, she's also an extremist. As an extremist, this doesn't mean that it's a political or even a religious issue. It just means that she has to handle things the rough way if it's needed. Asides from a calm attitude, she would take stuff to the extreme, having no limits of her drastic actions. She would do whatever it takes to get what she wants and deserves to an extreme level, or punishments, or however she wants to deal with things. So, issues like a missing-nin sneaking into her village, harmful or not, Yasumi would have to take some force. She can also have her extremist moments if she doesn't get things done her way, which could lead to possible threats or being pessimistic on others.

Away from being the two previous denotes for a moment, Yasumi adores fashion. It's literally the one thing she loves the most. She loves to get creative with her hair, her outfit, nails, just everything. This ties up from her materialism, as she also finds good fashion as happiness. From being black and white, to being colorful. Yasumi can also judge others' appearances, sometimes playfully, yet sometimes being serious, and would give advice. You could say that she's a fashion critique, or yet so she calls herself, since she claims that she has at least a good sense of fashion. This would lead Yasumi to being blunt to not only fashion, but also in general. She isn't afraid to speak out what she says, nor does she care what anyone thinks.

Yasumi likes flirts and teases with others, just for the hell out of it. Winking, kissing faces, or even acting cute, she'd do it. There isn't really a motive as to why she does it, but it's just for fun in her case. However, she would go to the next level of teasing to those that Yasumi believes she's close with, rather it's kissing, snuggling, or even trying to get physical with someone. Again, there isn't much of a motive to Yasumi's little flirtatious or kinky behavior, but probably used for some irrational, being playful, or just to see a priceless reaction. With this trait, it can be a result of taunting, as she enjoys provoking others with insults, and as again, can lead her into being a child.

Finally, there's that soft spot for certain people, usually to those who can out jerk her, or even outmatch her at her own game, in which it's something Yasumi dislikes. She would try to formulate, but would end up stuttering if a good comeback was thrown. Although she may be beat, it would be rare for her to even back down, until she claims her defeat, which would be another thing she dislikes, which would be claiming defeat in anything.


Jutsu Affinity ::

  • Futon
  • Raiton
  • Suiton

Jutsu Specialty ::

  • Ninjutsu
  • Kinjutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Kenjutsu

Jutsu Techniques ::


Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Ruinous Ripple
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: A
Jutsu Affinity:: Futon
Jutsu Description:: Performing the hand seals needed, Yasumi holds out her left hand, in which her left wrist is held by her right hand. A large sphere of wind then appears in front of her hand, the size of a large, bouncing ball. The ball then emits into a large wave of wind, in which it's seven meters wide and tall. The blast is filled with large wind arcs that are able to cut through natural materials such as trees and stones, as well as having large knock back effect. This attack is wide attack range, as this blast contains twenty-five large arcs. Each arc during the blast is able to cut through the skin of a shinobi two inches deep, exposing some explicit flesh to the outside.

Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Active Tornado
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: B
Jutsu Affinity:: Futon
Jutsu Description:: Yasumi starts to run around the opponent as quickly as she can, as a tornado would, as wind would start to circulate around them, forming into a large tornado. As the tornado forms, it would spin around the opponent for at least a turn to have them fly around, and eventually shot right from the tornado and landing wherever on the ground within the area.

Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Hilting Needles
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu ; Kenjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: C
Jutsu Affinity:: Futon
Jutsu Description:: Yasumi coats the blade of her katana with wind chakra, as she then starts thrusting it forward in all directions. From there, sharp, fifteen needle-like wind blades would then spout from the coated wind blade, and right towards the opponent. These needles are able to dig in at least an half an inch in a shinobi's skin.

Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Gyrate's Bomb
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: B
Jutsu Affinity:: Futon
Jutsu Description:: Yasumi holds out her left hand to the side, as she creates a large sphere of wind that is the size of a basketball. After the sphere is formed, she then launches it across the area. Once the sphere makes contact with an object, it then makes a large explosion of wind and knocking back within six meters, with five, large arcs flying about, able to cut at least an inch deep within a shinobi's skin.

Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Double Gyrate's Bomb
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: A
Jutsu Affinity:: Wind
Jutsu Description:: This is the same process done from "Wind Release: Gyrate's Bomb ", only this time, Yasumi also uses her right hand to form another large sphere. Once these two spheres are formed in each hand, she then combines the two spheres together, increasing the explosion knockback effect to twelve meters, with fifteen large wind arcs spreading around, as they all can go an inch and a half deep into the skin of a shinobi.

Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Light Air's Transportation
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: A
Jutsu Affinity:: Futon
Jutsu Description:: Yasumi creates a large carpet made out of wind for transportation, as it can hold a maximum of two people in its regular form, and can stretch in order to hold double the amount of other people. The maximum people can it hold and stretch for is to twenty people.

Jutsu Name:: Wind Release: Zephyr's Wheel
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu ; Kenjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: A
Jutsu Affinity:: Futon
Jutsu Description:: With the usage of her left hand, Yasumi spins her katana to the side, as a large, sharp pinwheel that's at least ten meters tall forms in the middle of the spinning sword. Once the pinwheel is complete forming, Yasumi would then stop spinning her sword, as she would drag it out from the wheel, then slashing the katana in front of her, releasing the wheel to move. This large, sharp wheel can cut through several trees and other renewable resources. This wheel is this time, able to cut thtree inches deep within the flesh of a shinobi.



Jutsu Name:: Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Jutsu Type:: Kinjutsu ; Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: A
Jutsu Affinity:: N/A
Jutsu Description:: This technique is essentially a massive version of the Shadow Clone Technique. Instead of a few clones, it creates a few hundred clones (or a number of equal grandeur). This is considered a kinjutsu, because it can potentially be dangerous to the person performing it, seeing as how all of the clones are given an equal amount of chakra directly from the user. (Taken from Naruto wiki)


Jutsu Name:: Lightning Release: Static Clear
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: D
Jutsu Affinity:: Raiton
Jutsu Description:: Yasumi rubs her hands together, as her hands are surrounded with electricity. From there, she would then try to touch her opponent with her electric hands, only to give them a minor, and irritating shock.

Character Equipment ::  

•x30 Shurikens
•x12 Kunai
•x4 Explosive Tags
•x1 Katana


Character History ::  

July 12th, was the day Yasumi was born into an upper-middle class family, with a older sister name Ayumi, whose age difference is slightly higher than Yasu's, and a brother named Yamoto, who was the eldest. There isn't much to say about her history, yet only one issue that was experience for her. Now, Yasumi didn't so much have the best family in the world, but definitely she would consider them the worst. There were no "real" family to help Yasumi with her troubles whatsoever, and would claim she had no real affection from her family. She felt as if everyone was just pretending to care by telling her they love her and know what's best for her, which made her have more hatred for her own family.  

The person she hated the most would be her sister, Ayumi. Ayumi was nothing more than a selfish little sister, whose favored by her parents for her excellent skills in her combat aspects, and being intelligent, whereas Yasumi, was treated as if she was a mistake. Ayumi would always look down on her sister, and always give her negative advice. From insults, to threats that Yasumi must've done something by accident to piss her sister off, it was all shot at the once poor, and innocent looking little Yasumi. Yet from this upper-ish type of family, her parents didn't seem to care much about Ayumi's and Yasumi's relationship. This issue has develop Yasumi's personality to take a darker, and menacing type of turn.

As the years would then go by, Yasumi would then show off her awfully rude behavior almost anywhere, just because and quote, it was just natural. This led some disappointment and shame to her family. No matter how much she was threatened each time, Yasu still showed off her negative behavior. No one really understood how or why she changed all of a sudden, even though the answers were very clear. By parading about with this type of pessimistic attitude, it was absolutely impossible to interact with others; make friends in this case, so it was also difficult to have someone on her side to help comfort her. There was luckily, one person stepping up for the job.

A girl name Taemi, about Yasumi's age, which was about seven, met Yasumi in a forest. Taemi was the exact opposite of Yasumi. Loyal, caring, sweet, and always having a warm smile on her face. Anticipated from a careless family, Yasu wasn't too fond of actually have a friend now, so she thought Taemi was just another abundance and annoyance to her day, and she was right in that matter, or to her matter. Everyday, Taemi would always run into Yasumi, showing off her more positive side and trying to make friends with Yasu. Annoyed by the girl's energy, Yasumi smacked her right across the face, point black, causing her to quiver onto the floor. This all happened on the last day before going to the academy, within the streets alone.

Suddenly, a sense of guilt and shame overran Yasumi, as she knelt down before Taemi apologizing first for slapping her, then apologized for trying to push her away, being rude to her, and so on forth. Fortunately having a soft nature, Taemi accepted the apology, as she said things happen when you're in a mood. Alas, before Yasu was about to aid the girl in helping her up, Ayumi came in, smacking Yasumi across the head, then started to curse her out, yet only minimally, since Taemi was standing right there. Yasumi on the other hand, didn't care if Taemi was there, and just started to scream at her sister, having no control of her thoughts. This is when things got a little physical for the two. As having more experience in combat, Ayumi was able to slay Yasumi within a matter of minutes, leaving her beaten on the ground.

With the mini battle done, Ayumi then ran off to her parents, explaining the situation that just happened, with a few twisted details here and there. Before Yasumi knew it, she was sent off to live with her older brother, who was a lot times older than both Ayumi and Yasumi combined, and was sent off to the academy.

At the age of seven still, Yasumi joined the academy of Kirigakure. Now, the first day in the academy wasn't so great for Yasumifor many reasons. For one, she barely even knew her own brother, so it was hard to interact without being awkward. Second, her brother didn't even care for her either. Finally, the only kids she ever talked to at her age was Taemi alone. Yet for some reason, she didn't spy a Taemi anywhere in the academy. Yasumi actually felt some disappointment when she didn't see the girl. Her alone was the reason why Yasumi wanted to change, for the sake of herself trying to be healthy, and to experience a new friend. That still didn't stop her from actually trying to be socially active and meet other people besides Taemi.

Sadly... THAT didn't work out as well. Most kids witnessed Yasumi's behavior from the streets before arriving the academy, watching her destroy things and being disrespectful to others, no matter who they were. Their parents even called Yasumi a wild animal that belongs in the forest. For that said, others tried to keep their distance away from Yasu, which even made it hard for her to make any friends whatsoever. She's been called animal ever since day one. No matter how hard she tried to speak out her mind on what was going on, no one wanted to listen to her. After telling on the teacher, the kids still manage to make fun of her, with the educator trying to settle things down.

This was where things got a little spiffy from there. A boy named Goru worsened up the situation even more. She's been called animal by him at first a few times almost every day, then all of a sudden, the whole academy started to go on about it. With the educator only caring for Yasumi within the village as his student, he still tried to keep things calm. Name calling, insults, threats, all made by Goru. This caused Yasumi to snap, causing her to heave herself at the boy, punching him repeatedly on the face, until she saw blood. The screaming of payback and a massive potty mouth for Yasumi raged around her body, as she witnessed blood coming out from Goru's face and mouth. She still continued to punch more, now only just torturing the boy. She wanted him to suffer ; she wanted him to bed ; she wanted him dead.

Unfortunately, the educator have arrived during Yasumi's rampage, pulling her back. Still having the strength from vexation, she pulled herself away from the educator's grasp, and still managed to punch and kick the boy even harder. This time, the educator came back to Yasumi, this time holding her up, and trying to calm her down in the nicest way he can. Right now, his only concerns were to Yasumi, knowing that she can have an explosive temper, and can snap at anyone at anytime right now. Once she was calm, the educator had to pull her out of class, and have a long talk with her, wanting to know why she's acting like this. Yasumi would then say it's something he'll never understand, but the educator then countered he was still her teacher, so of course he needed to care, and can try to understand.

After having Yasumi explaining the whole issue in her life, the educator offered her some private lessons after school, if she feels as if she isn't getting enough education from class due to her classmates. Gladly and feeling warm, she accepted the offer. Now everyday after the academy was over for the day, The educator would always help Yasumi if there was problems she didn't understand from the lesson, and clearer demonstrations would be given. The private lessons were actually better than the ones in the academy, since she had a better understanding from it. There, she was improving her shinobi skills and specialties, which was first, ninjutsu.

At the age of twelve, Yasumi finally graduated the academy, and has now become a genin, about to be placed in a three man team with a jounin.

Yasumi has now become a genin at the age of twelve, after graduating from the academy. No more, did she have to see or hear the other kids looking down on her. Sadly, she would be placed with two other kids that must've been in the crowd of teasing her year after year. But, it was actually the complete opposite of what Yasumi was thinking. The first boy was named Kanate, who was a year older than Yasumi, who seems to have a soft heart. The second boy was Yuuto, who was seen as a quiet guy, and there wasn't much to show about him. He wasn't in the crowd of making fun or Yasumi, nor did he even give a damn about her. Either way, they didn't make fun of her, so it was safe to be glad.

However, Yasumi wasn't glad just yet. In face, she felt as if she didn't need friends or a team to help her with her troubles. In face, she felt though as if she can handle things on her own perfectly fine. But, if she wanted move up a rank more, she had no other choice to work with her team. Kanate was as if he was a male version Taemi, Yasumi's considered "first friend." He was exactly like her; having a kind heart, willing to be friends with the girl despite her negative personality in general, and helping her problems. Though, from said by Yuuto, he told her the only reason why some people are being nice to her was because they felt sorry for Yasumi when she was teased a lot back from the academy days.

Yasumi didn't really care if people were being nice or not. In fact, it was like being in her horrible childhood all over again, where her family would give fake affection just for her to suck it up and move on, which would include Taemi possibly, and simply, acting fake by pretending to be nice. So in other words, Yasumi's cups of giving a damn weren't available. Now, each time Kanate would try to have a conversation with her, she would either ignore, or barely give back any response. Of course, Kanate back then was known to be oblivious when it comes to drastic situations, or trying to read the mood off of someone, so that could still explain why he still tries to talk to her, even though it was clearly obvious that Yasumi didn't want him around her when she doesn't.

After a few months later, Yuuto was somewhat attracted to Yasumi's current behavior. Calm, distant, and seemingly lukewarm. Though, he could tell that Yasumi was just acting tough from her academic days, so she doesn't have to be looked down upon. So, he wanted to give in some lessons for Yasumi on how to be really tough and menacing. Ironically, Yuuto himself came from a upper-middle classed family, and the first order of business was to act as if you're from that classed family, and by all means, Yasumi had to act formal, which was actually no problem for her. Second, was to look down on others no matter what, stating no one else can control you but you yourself. Yasumi continued to shrink herself down to Yuuto's attitude, as her personality driven to a worsened road.

One day, Yasumi's team were on a mission to deliver some materials to travelers working within the bays of the village. From there, the team was encountered by D-Ranked missing-nins ; three of them, in fact. So, each member had to confront one of them. The jounin had no problem talking down one of the missing-nins without a single sweat, but the others were struggling. Kanate was the first to take down his opponent, with some struggles lying here and there, and the same with Yasumi. Yuuto on the other hand, was still struggling with his opponent. Yasu then decided to rush in, and then take down the missing-nin, which actually took longer than expected, compared to her last opponent she just fought. Eventually from there, the missing-nins were defeated, with Yuuto left surprisingly heavily injured. The jounin then kindly instructed Yasumi to help Yuuto to travel, as him and Kanate would then continue to travel.  

However, Yasumi still had other things in mind for the boy. Grabbing out a kunai, she then walked herself over to Yuuto, hovering the weapon on his chest. Yuuto was left confused on what was going on, and why there was a weapon pointed at his chest. Giving her final words, Yasumi thanked the boy for everything he taught her, and that she was willing to pass down his teachings in somewhat, in a joking matter. By seeing the blood that was on him, Yasumi wanted to see more. So, with a quick stab through his chest, Yuuto coughed up more blood. His last words were "f-ck you," lightly closing his eyes. Yuuto was now dead.

Pulling out the weapon from his chest, came a satisfied Yasumi. Blood was all over her left hand, as she watched the corpse. Now, all she had to do was simply break the news to the team about how Yuuto was dead, due to the amount of blood he lost. From that day forward, the team continued their daily lives, as Yasumi's sadistic side came to be. No one knew about one of her teammates' murder, but Yasumi herself, who can in a gullible excuse everyone believed.

The Chuunin exams finally came to be. It was the day where every single genin had to past the test in a form of battle to rank up to become a chuunin. Luckily, Yasumi felt prepared. Before arriving to the exams, she was training for specialty of bukijutsu, so she had some confidence of at least passing most of the battles. Also, with the fact of killing her own teammate a few months back also boosted up her mind of winning. Not only that, but she also received some private lessons from her educator back as an academy student, so hopefully, and just hopefully, this wouldn't be a problem for the girl.

Yasumi was the first to be called up for the first battle. Taking a deep breath in, and giving in an assured nod, she walked herself into the battle ring. Her opponent however, was surprising. It was none other than her so called "first friend," Taemi! Her eyes widen in shock as she encountered an old childhood friend, of whom she never saw in the academy. She wondered as to why Taemi never showed up that day. Before the fight happened, Taemi claimed she was actually there, but she was just out a lot due to family problems, and for the fact that Yasumi never really noticed the girl from her hot-headed persona and violent nature. It felt as if on the other hand, Yasumi was going to cry with joy with seeing her friend again. Sadly, now wasn't the time.

And so with their last words said to each other, Yasumi and Taemi began their battle. If she had to admit, Taemi was already a worthy opponent with her excellence of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Though, it seems like Taemi was good at Taijutsu, since she didn't show much of her Ninjutsus, whereas Yasumi was the opposite of that statement. As of now, the two were at neck to neck with each other, and eventually, had Taemi have a close win with her decent strength coming along. Luckily, despite looking heavily injured, Yasumi still had the spirit to continue this brawl. However, it looked like as if she was about to pass out, and having the win go for Yasumi.

Asides from Taemi always wanting to rank up, she also remembered the horrible obstacles Yasumi had to go to get up to this point. It felt as if she was actually winning from Yasumi's suffrage. No, she couldn't do that to a friend who went through so much. Even then, Taemi was inflicted by Yasumi's jutsus quite a lot, yet she feel felt okay, away from her injuries. This could be concluded that she was some sort of "tank." So with quick thinking, Taemi pretended as if she was about to pass out. Eventually, she then faked her knockout, shamming her passing out. This helped Yasumi win her first battle in the Chuunin Exams. For that, Yasumi was given some moments to have herself rest from her injuries. What the girl didn't know was Taemi actually let Yasumi win so she can advance in the exams, but as of now, Yasumi felt very proud of herself for winning her first match, and even boosted her self-confidence even more.

As the battles went on, the Chuunin Exams were now over. From there, Yasumi managed to survive most of her battles, which ranked her up to become a chuunin.

There isn't much to say about Yasumi being a chuunin, except to guide ninjas to their destinations and help lead missions. Though, she taken the time to help improve other specialties she's been wanting to learn, such as Taijutsu, obviously from her friend, Taemi. For the fact that she's been throwing hard hits and being strategic when it comes to melee combat. So of course, Yasumi wanted to do the same. As she was doing her chuunin duties by aiding others in missions and being a guide, she's also been working on an attempt to be successful in Taijutsu in her free time, much like her so called "friend," Taemi. Though, as being a chuunin, Yasumi felt as if it wasn't meant for her to win, judging from Taemi's battle style, but oh well. Yasumi still felt happy from the moment she actually became a chuunin, so that was all it matters for the girl.  

Becoming a Jounin was a surprise to Yasumi. She actually never knew she would make it far up to this point. Becoming a jounin would mean leading a team, and leading a team would mean she would be a leader from there. Shortly right after Yasumi became a jounin, it looked like she showed a major progression in training Taijutsu, helping her become more fluent in melee combat. While mostly being successful of Taijutsu, Yasumi decided to mingle onto Genjutsu. At first, she felt as if she really didn't feel as if she would need this type of jutsu to aid her in battles. But, the sound of creating illusions, with the work of hallucinating an enemy did seem pretty nifty to the girl. Yet sadly enough, Yasumi couldn't really get the hang of Genjutsu, with the exception of an academy jutsu.

Asides from Yasumi's Genjutsu issues, it was now time for her to meet her team. As usual, it would be two boys and one girl. The first boy was named Natsayou, who was a boy that loves to travel, and go on adventures. The second boy was named Atushi, who was a shy boy that would like to make friends. And finally, the girl's name was Rio, who can at first be a little bitchy towards others, she can still have a nice heart. Now for Yasumi, this looked like a team that might or mostly work well together, depending on the situation. Their ages all range from twelve to fourteen. This somewhat reminded the jounin of her old team, though, there was only one person that able to have high spirits and maintain a happy attitude, while the others were rather negative and bleak. She just hoped that this team can somewhat bring her spirits up again, after having a horrible past.

The team then decided to go on their first mission, was to actually capture a C-Ranked missing-nin. Although this mission sounded very familiar to Yasumi, considering she must've have encountered a mission like this, or at least encountering a missing-nin when she was in her genin days, the girl decided to simply go along with it. They were out of Kirigakure and outside of the borders, locating the missing-nin. However, as they were looking, they've witnessed a corpse along the way, that had the emblem of Kirigakure. Somehow, the face looks familiar. They had the same hair color, eye color, tone, and much more similarities Yasumi has been reminded of. After thinking for a few seconds, she came to realize that it was no one else, but her own friend, Taemi.

Tears came upon the corpse, as she tried to hold in her emotions about the death of her friend. Yasumi's team members then came in, and attempted to comfort the jounin. Right when the three genins were comforting her, then came the C-Rank missing-nin, interrupting the sentimental moment. It seemed to be a boy, who was yet from another village that attempted to sneak into the village. And yes, he was a cocky one. He started to jocular around of how the now dead shinobi, who was Taemi, prancing on of how she was weak despite her rank, and how he had such an easily kill. As these insults of Taemi pummeled to Yasumi, within a few seconds, her mood changed from sorrow to frantic. She lunged herself right to the C-Rank missing-nin with a solid punch right to his stomach, and a hark kneeing to his face.

Sadly, Yasumi wasn't here alone. She had her three genin that needed to do a mission. Stepping back, she then decided to let her team finish the work she did, as an aid for their battle. With that, they've gain their first victory, and completed their first mission. Ever since then, Yasumi and her team have been mostly doing successful in missions, and helping her team out until the very end.

Yasumi was still helping her team with missions to help improve their combat skills, and being eligible to participate in the chuunin exams, to rank up. However, she was called into the Kage's office for an announcement given. Yasumi was rather scared than curious. What if she was suddenly demoted back to a chuunin for whatever reason? What if she was kicked out of the village? Now, although these things made absolutely no sense whatsoever, they could end up as possibilities. From horrible childhood to now, who knows what message the jounin might receive? However, it was far from what Yasumi was thinking, or probably expecting. Instead, she received a promotion, a promotion to become a ANBU member.

Yasumi was just flabbergasted more than anything else. She never knew she would become a much high rank than being a jounin alone. Though, she felt kind of disappointed she didn't get to be the captain of the ANBU, but nonetheless, being just the member itself was something for the girl to be excited for. Now, this doesn't literally mean this type of position changed Yasumi, personality wise. She would still be her little contradicting persona, but only knowing when or who to act in front of. Receiving the materials needed, such as the uniform, Yasumi was no longer a jounin. She was now a ANBU member. This meant that Yasumi had to step up her game, knowing that she held such a high status, yet not high enough as a sannin. With that said, Yasumi then worked out her years as an ANBU, at the age of twenty-nine.

At the age of thirty eight, Yasumi was then chosen to be the next Mizukage to lead the Village Hidden in the Mist from all her hard work and bypassing her struggles .The woman couldn't believe it, from gaining new allies, to creating new enemies, she knew that this was no dream. With much pride and a lot of confidence within her, she gladly accepted the position, promising she'll do her best to protect her village. So now, from that day forward, Yasumi was known as the new Mizukage of Kirigakure.

Roleplaying Sample ::  


Yaaa... I wonder where Lady Ren went off to. She wasn't in her office where she usually is. Did she went missing or something? How the hell can I can my boost of pay now?! She thought, as she softly sighed to herself. The ANBU member was casually strolling down the streets of Kirigakure. She had on her usual ANBU uniform, with her hair maintaining a wavy-ish look, yet a top ponytail with a strand of hair sticking on top, as she then flipped her hair with her free hand. She just finished catching herself yet another missing-nin who was about nelow her skill level, which could probably explain why it somewhat took some time for her to finish the job. Though, she couldn't say it was a difficulty. Ryoko was just tired from all that hunting of missing-nins this past week, in which usually she would attempt to get it done in a jiffy. But then again, it was the work of tension and strain that did the dirty work to the poor Ryoko, tiring her out. This called for a break.

And by break, this meant bugging the Mizukage for more money. For someone that has to behead someone and bring it back to the Kage as proof of their success of duty, Ryoko kind of has a sucky pay, or at least to her, she does. Yaa... and I even have the damn head for her, too. She wondered. And let it be a fact, too. Literally. As of now, Ryoko held what seems to be a boy's head, who looks a little young, black shaggy hair, green eyes, and a very pale complexion, which of course, was receiving attention from pedestrians. She wanted to satisfy her boss with this head, and the office would be the first thing to check, too!

And guess what? She wasn't there! It was actually bullshit that Ryoko rushed her ass to get to the Kage's office to show her the head. It was just a waste of time to just simply go in the building anyway. Well... truth be told, the ANBU didn't really brainstorm of searching through her office for more money. That would've been smart. Sadly, Ryoko's ass could of been thrown to the wall. Or even out the window. And she like her ass where it was, thank you very much. But getting back to the actual break part, Ryoko seriously needed it. Perhaps she could just save the head and go have her free time. Without the Lady of the village in the office, she can probably go do whatever for now. Maybe starting by breaking into her office and searching for some money. That'd be a great start.

Alas, Ryoko mustn't. As it was said before, she likes her ass where it is. Probably, Ryoko can just simply save the head. But, where? She can't just leave the head there. Otherwise, tension and drama would start. As she kept walking, formulating an idea, she then saw an empty trashcan, with the lid laid down next to the can itself, with the two objects next to a grocery shop. Oddly convenient. Oh well, this was good enough. Casually dumping the head, Ryoko picked up the lid, then slammed it down on the can, dusting her hands. Now that was taken care of, looks like there's only one thing to do to relieve stress. Surprisingly, it wasn't shopping or sleeping. It was the spa. The best place to be in a happy place. And by happy place, a fucking raise is an aspect.

A few minutes later, Ryoko arrived to the spa of Kirigakure. Nothing better than the springs to cool all of your dilemmas away. Going to the front desk she greeted the cashier with a simple bow of her head. Sadly, Ryoko had to pay. I bet she didn't had to pay jack squat. The lucky bitch to be a Kage. She thought again, with a tiny sigh. Fortunately, the price wasn't high as expected. This was Ryoko's place of actual alone time, and not blowing it off on clothes. But, that's the second thing she likes to do for fun. Once paid, she thanked the cashier once again, and as expected, a return with a smile and of course, to have a jolly time. The ANBU member will definitely have herself a jolly good time. Scooting herself over the changing-and-storage area, she then started to disrobe her uniform, throwing them about around her. Well, no one would just go in her clothes, so there was no need to make sure it was safe, right? The mind of how Ryoko works can vary, from clever to completely obtuse.

Grabbing herself a towel and wrapping it around herself, she walked herself to a door, accessing to the girls' hotsprings. Carefully opening the door, her lips formed into a soft, warm smile as she inhaled the fresh spring scent into her nose. Smelled nothing more than matured, sugary roses. A stretch came onto Ryoko, causing her to force her chest to inflate forward, gulfing out a large, relieved sigh. However, once she was done stretching, she noticed that someone else was in the springs as well. She recognized that polar bear fur type of carpet hairstyle from anywhere within this village. It was her boss!

With a gasp, Ryoko's smile grew bigger, as she glared at Mizukage. For once, she actually felt a little glad to see the Lady around, since she might get her pay. Or at least, maybe. Just maybe. Throwing the towel off of her body, revealing her voluptuous body build, showing off everything, she then leaped forward, curling herself into a ball. Once curled into a ball, she would then slam into the water, creating a large splash, hoping to get the Mizukage a little wet. Once Ryoko entered the water, she would then pop up in front of the Lady, only having herself separated just by a a few inches.

"Eeya! Well hello, Lady Ren~!" Ryoko greeted cheerfully, as she showed the woman a cozy, tender smile, with her eyes lying down upon her facial features. "I thought you were in your office, working as usual! I was worried and sick, not knowing where you were!" She cried softly, although it was obvious she was using some sarcasm.  Taking a small deep breath, she then continued, "It's not like our Lady Ren to simply leave her own home. I wonder what happened, ya?" She cackled in a quiet manner, referring her "home" as the office she's always cramped up in.

And as usual, Ryoko would have her regrets with her teasing/being a jerk to the Kage.

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Re: Yamazaki, Yasumi

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