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Akiyo's personal summoning

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Akiyo's personal summoning

Post by Rogue Akiyo on Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:03 pm

by Rogue Akiyo Yesterday at 2:15 pm
Summoning Owner(s) :: Kurimuzon, Akiyo
Summoning Name :: Eadansa
Summoning Species :: Lemur
Summoning Appearance :: Easdansa is a grey furred lemur who stands at about 5'9, being about as big as an average man. A long black and white ring tail, and golden eyes. He wears red ninja shorts, and usually a bandana around his neck to match in color. Around his forehead is the Sunagakure headband, which is tilted sideways. The headband has a scratch mark through it, indicating he to left the sand. On his back, strapped across his chest is a katana, along with a large scroll for Akiyo. On his left ankle resides a kunai holster. Lastly covering most of his body is a cloak, used to conceal his identity.

Summoning Personality :: Eadansa is loyal and outgoing in nature, often getting excited when summoned by Akiyo. He is very protective, mostly due the friendship that's formed. Aside from that his flirtation nature is bold, usually complimenting Woman in battle, and even referring to Akiyo his "Sexy Summoner". Nevertheless Eadansa is very dependable.

Summoning Rank :: S

Summoning Element :: Wind

Summoning Jutsu ::

Jutsu Name::[/b] Wind style: Ultimate defense vortex protection
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: A
Jutsu affinity :: Wind
Jutsu Description:: The user of this jutsu forms the correct handseals, then creates a powerful vortex of wind around themselves (or target). The winds are strong enough to tear someone to shreds if they tried to pass through it. This jutsu takes a good deal of chakra to maintain.

Jutsu Name:: Wind style: Wind sword enhancement
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: B
Jutsu affinity :: Wind
Jutsu Description:: The user breathes wind chakra unto their blade, increasing both the sharpness and range. This last as long as the user has chakra to maintain it.

Jutsu Name::
Wind style: Air blade
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: B
Jutsu affinity :: Wind
Jutsu Description:: The user swings his/her weapon and releases a powerful slash of wind chakra towards their target. It can cut through trees, and can leave gashes in human skin.

Jutsu Name:: Dragon wind bomb
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank:: C
Jutsu affinty:: Wind
Jutsu Description: This is a technique designed to work with the great mud dragon bomb jutsu. The user exhales wind mixed chakra to increase the power and speed of the mud shots.
[Jutsu Name::Wind style: Air blade

Jutsu Name: Needle Jizo
Jutsu Type:: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Rank :: B
Jutsu affinity :: none
Jutsu Description:: This is a technique where the user encases themselves in a countless number of sharp needles, but in truth, the spikes are the user's hair. Chakra grants the strands of hair the hardness and shape of needles, endowed with a capacity to injure and kill on par with that of metallic weapons. In addition, if activated in response to an opponent's attack, it can also be used as a counter. The hair is made hard enough that it can withstand blows from certain types of weapons such as arrows.

Summoning Abilities ::
Natural Speed
Sword wielding(kenjutsu)
Claws(for natural weapons)

Summoning History :: Eadansa met Akiyo in her anbu days. She had been assigned a special mission to assassinate a rogue ninja that caused trouble in the hidden waterfall village. Once he was finally found the ninja put up a fearsome fight, using a barrage of wind style jutsu. However, the young rogue found himself being bested by her ink style techniques. Before she was able to kill him however, the rogue attempted one last time to make a come back. Summoning the lemur prince, Eadansa.

Soon the two were going head to head. Akiyo having a death match with Eadansa. Before long she was able to catch him off guard with, "temple of nirvana" forcing him to undergo a sleep state. The dying couldn't believe someone could stand against his most powerful summoning, then smiled. Before death he left behind a large scroll and a personal message in blood. "Take care" it said, now leaving it with Akiyo. From that point on the two had been together.[/b]

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