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Kenji Ituhara [WIP]

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Kenji Ituhara [WIP]

Post by Kenji Ituhara on Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:23 pm

Kenji Ituhara
Character Age ::
Character Gender :: 20
Character Village :: Kirigakure
Character Rank :: Jounin

Character Appearance :: He has a black t-shirt on, that fits snug on his upper body. He wears a pair of black pants, similar to the blue shinobi pants worn by many shinobi in Konoha. His shinobi boots are also black. He has a pouch on his right leg for his normal weapons and another one on his left for needles and string. He is known for wearing a big black cloak with a hood. He wears it, for a number of reasons, one is for masking his identity, another is for keeping his wife from going nuts about bloody clothes. He wears his sword on a sheath on his back. He is slightly muscular. Enough to notice, but not an extremity. He is tanned from his long training sessions in the sun. He has black hair, that in the back flows down to his shoulders. In the front, his hair flows to just above his eyes. He has blue eyes that shine like a sapphire. Some people, however, seem to see the eyes of a wolf. These eyes are merely a side effect of the Howling Wolf Sword. He has a tanned face from training so much in the sun. He has a slender face with no extreme markings. He is six feet tall and a hundred seventy pounds.

Character Personality :: He is extremely loyal to Kirigakure and it's people. As such, he only does what is right to help the citizens and members of this village. He is ambitious and aspiring, always trying to expand his knowledge and power, trying to become a better, stronger shinobi. He is caring and courteous, always stopping to help someone who is injured or in need of help. He is determined to do what is right. He is friendly, kind, and honest. He is a valuable friend and teammate to anyone he talks to. He is mature and punctual, always on time and never acting selfish or immature. He is annoyed by those who wish to harm his friends and family, as well as those who defect from their home villages for reasons they can control. He is afraid of losing his wife and wolves in battle.

Clan/Bloodline Name ::
Clan/Bloodline Description ::

Jutsu Affinity :: Doton, Futon
Jutsu Speciality ::
Jutsu Techniques ::

Character Equipment ::

Character History ::
Kenji Ituhara grew up with a very strange family. They were always taking in various animals and caring for them. However, when he was in the academy, he learned of a family secret that was hidden from the rest of Kirigakure. The Ituhara's had a pack of ninja wolves that lived within their house. This pack of ninja wolves had lived with the Ituhara family as both had generations come and go.

After the academy, soon after becoming genin, he was given one of the wolf pups of the Alpha Male and Female. He named it Arufurufu. While going on missions with Arufurufu, they met a girl about the same age as Kenji. Her name was Ashi Inuzuka. Her partner, unlike most Inuzuka's who have ninken, was a ninja wolf by the name of Betarufu. She fell in love with him, but he had to go back to his village, so she couldn't date him.

After becoming a chunin at about the age of fifteen, he began training and teaching Arufurufu a couple jutsu so that Arufurufu would be able to get out of jams and so that he would be able to help Kenji capture missing nin and bandits.

At the age of 18, shortly after becoming jonin and getting his own house, he walked out to find a beautiful young girl and female wolf on his doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. Kenji was shocked and embarrassed to the point where he fainted backwards, almost on top of Arufurufu. A little while later, that young girl introduced herself as Ashi Inuzuka, as she sat on the side of Kenji's bed. Shortly after, they were wed by the Mizukage.

A few months later, Betarufu had a litter of puppies who were introduced to the main Ituhara wolf pack, with the exception of one. That pup's name was Tourufu. Tourufu became a part of a new pack under Arufurufu and Betarufu.

A month ago, Ashi announced that she was pregnant. As such, she has taken to staying home with Betarufu as Tourufu, Arufurufu, and Kenji go on missions to fund all of Ashi's eating habits.

Clan/Bloodline History :: N/A

Roleplaying Sample :: Kenji stood at the gates of Konohagakure. His hair blew in the wind as his faithful companion, Arufurufu, and the wolf pup, Tourufu, stood next to him. “You two ready?” Kenji said as he looked down to his small wolf pack. He smirked, knowing Tourufu's tendencies.

“Ready? Ready? You are asking me if I am ready? Of course I'm r.....” Tourufu said as he was interrupted by a smack in the head and a growl from Arufurufu. “Alright, alright. Yeesh. I'm ready to go, Kenji-san.” Tourufu said with a bit of a smirk.

“I'm set to go as well, Kenji. We need to get going soon though.” Arufurufu said, still with a glaring look on his face. He growled once more at Tourufu, before preparing to go.

“Alright, let's go.” Kenji said smirking slightly, still holding back a little to keep from laughing. The three of them jetted forward toward their destination.

Alternate Characters ::

Kenji Ituhara
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Re: Kenji Ituhara [WIP]

Post by Rogue Akiyo on Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:32 pm

Looking pretty good :3

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