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Post by Tanoshisa on Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:33 pm


Character Age :: Twenty-Five
Character Gender :: Female
Character Village :: Kumogakure no Sato
Character Rank :: Hunter-nin

Character Appearance ::

Character Personality ::
It is relatively easy for one to tell what type of person Tanoshisa is from a first look at her since the Kumogakure Sannin is always seen with a stoical expression. She is a woman of her composure, having become quite known for it, and sought to always keep up this façade of a woman who has things all under control, even though like every other person on the planet she doesn't. She rarely speaks unless spoken to and when she does speak it is always filled with sereneness that makes people put their faith in her. Like with her expressions, everything about Tanoshisa speaks of calmness and serenity. The way she walks, talks, everything about her is of carefulness. Getting her angry is a near impossible task, as even when she sees something she doesn't like, she will keep quiet about it.

With such a calm outlook, comes a intelligence above her years, as the woman is considered omnicompetent by most. She is a great strategist, knowledge in pretty much everything in the shinobi world, even trivial stuff such as the bingo book or such. She in fact has a photographic memory, and her IQ is one-hundred and sixty-four.  

Tanoshisa calmness doesn't make her completely detached though. Yes, she has a preference for avoiding socializing as much as possible, but she still is someone with very great concern towards the wellbeing of others. She doesn't go homeless shelters, and would rather go play with dirt than do that kind of stuff, but if she sees someone in the street in trouble, she would very well help them out. She does have a tendency to always request payment for things she does, no matter how small or trivial.

Tanoshisa though can be very sociable when it comes to those she considers her friends. Making friends is not something she does easily, but once she does the woman is easily your friend for life. Around friends, she is considered by most a completely different person, as her usual calmness is forsaken as she becomes a rather upbeat and peppy person. She is especially known to be playful around friends, constantly poking fun at them, some not really funny, but oh well.

Tanoshisa worst trait would have to be her bluntness. The woman always finds something bad to say and always expresses it no matter the situation, to the point that even the kage isn't exempted from her witty remarks, usually filled with condescension. That said, she is greatly arrogant in her abilities, constantly claiming herself as the greatest medical ninja in the world.


Clan/Bloodline Name :: N/A
Clan/Bloodline Description :: N/A


Jutsu Affinity :: Medical Ninjutsu - Fuinjutsu - Kinjutsu
Jutsu Speciality :: Raiton (lightning)
Jutsu Techniques ::

Character Equipment :: Smoke bombs - Needles - Syringes - text tubes


Character History ::
Shisa was never officially trained to be a shinobi at a young age. Her mother and father were humble doctors, not ninjas, and so, they thought her at a rather young age a lot about being a doctor, but never a ninja. She did have a slight yearning to also be a kunoichi, whenever she would see children at the ninja academy fighting and training, albeit this yearning was very small as above all else, she liked learning how to be a doctor. Going to regular school, she was quite the popular one. A perfect student in almost all aspects as she got straight As and even managed to be student body president many times.

Around the time she had graduated college and went on into a professional career as a doctor, starting as a simple nurse, her parents had died not long after. They had went to another village to do a operation for one of the village's allied village, and were killed when they got caught in a battle between two shinobi. They rushed back to Kumogakure, albeit there was no saving from the damage suffered.

After that, Shisa became much more motivated than she already was to become not just a doctor, but a medical ninja. She started training with a old shinobi friend of her parents who was one of the village's jounin, not really to pursue a medical career, but just enough to defend herself in situations where needed. By the time she was twenty-one she was made the head medical-nin in Kumogakure.

With her shinobi training, she sought to become a black-ops member in hopes to find those who killed her parents. She wasn't the most physical shinobi, but her skills in medical ninjutsu and her mastery over the Creation Rebirth technique got her very far as a kunoichi.

Clan/Bloodline History :: N/A

Roleplaying Sample :: See Anelotte

Alternate Characters :: Anelotte

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Re: Tanoshisa

Post by Daisuke on Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:54 am

Planning on adding the jutsu later or is this still a Work in Progress?

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Re: Tanoshisa

Post by VALKYRIE on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:00 am

Will add them later.

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Re: Tanoshisa

Post by Rogue Akiyo on Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:07 pm


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Re: Tanoshisa

Post by Sponsored content

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