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Post by Yosuke on Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:20 am

[Yosuke Shinzo]
Character Age :: 27
Character Gender ::Male
Character Village ::Kumogakure
Character Rank ::Sannin

Character Appearance ::
" />
Puppet Appearance ::

Character Personality ::Yo(Short for Yosuke) is an intellectual man who appreciates genius intellect rather than fame. He operates on cold logic and hypothetical situations; to him, reality is but one aspect of the world- the other half is the possibilities that he can manipulate to manifest into reality. Out of his characteristics, his most dominant aspect is his confidence, he is not cocky although often seen that way- rather he is confident in himself and his abilities so much that he doesn't ever doubt the possibilities he can do. He is a somewhat passve person even in his confidence and this makes him seem "stuck up" to others, though he himself sees him as greater than others. He doesn't go around putting others down though.

There is a flipside to him though, since his in depth understanding of the human body and puppetry, he can change "character" and pretend to be other people- examples of this would be himself as a super cheerful & carefree guy. Other examples would be using his puppet as the "physical" representation of him, using the puppet, he changes personality to match the puppet's appearance to fool people.

Clan/Bloodline Name ::N/A
Clan/Bloodline Description ::N/A

Jutsu Affinity ::None
Jutsu Speciality ::Medical Ninjutsu(Ijutsu), Fuuinjutsu/Kuchiyose, Kinjutsu & Bukijutsu
Jutsu Techniques ::WIP

Character Equipment ::

  • Summoning scroll x4
  • Basic ninja tools(Kunai, shurriken, etc)
  • Garrote Wire
  • Puppet-Crimson Maiden
  • Puppet- Kite

Character History ::Yo comes from a prestigious family of Medical-nins in Kumogakure, but he is considered an outcast because of his inhumane approach to medicine and physical therapy, along with several other aspects to his personality. He had a cold demeanor and unsympathetic attitude to those he treated and cared little for their pain; this gave him the title of "Cold Practitioner "

After a while, his family disowned him and cut all ties to him. This limited his medical use of facilities, ingredients and tools; he was enraged secretly but kept his passive expression. He vowed to himself to surpass his family and put them to shame, kill them if need be. He joined a lesser medical-nin as their apprentice and used their equipment and procedures for himself, gaining what little knowledge they offered and then moved on to bigger and better, always using the "friendliness" of the practitioners around him to reach greater heights. Soon he was far ahead of any doctor in the village and possessed an intellect to match his medical skills. He was recognized as a Sannin for his medical abilities as well as interesting choice of puppetry as a fighting style, together with medical jutsu, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Clan/Bloodline History ::N/A

Roleplaying Sample ::
It was late at night, very few if anyone else was still awake at this hour in the village; yet he was here in the medical facilities, tinkering with a corpse. He was standing at the head of a long narrow table with a corpse strapped down in front of him. Long metal tools were held in his latex gloved hands as he bent over and fiddled with the brain's impulses to monitor and record the body's reaction. He had the top of the head sliced open and an IV in the corpse with a steady flow of chakra infused fluids to keep the corpse in a "dormant" state to stop the decomposition of the flesh. It was an ingenious idea he had learned from another medical-nin, this helped him study corpses for a lengthened state without worry of decay.

Still, it did not smell pleasant; he had a cloth face mask over his face to protect himself from any diseases, but the smell of an open head with an exposed brain was not a pleasant smell. The sight did not bother him so much, in his early years, he had vomited a few times. But he had conditioned his mind since then to be immune to gruesome sights, he had experienced enough already to help expedite his immunity. The tool slipped in his hands from the latex gloves, the probing metal lodged itself deep inside the corpses brain. He sighed in exasperation as his experiment was ruined by an erroneous factor- he had carefully planed out the night and experiment and had gone into pain-staking details to make sure it was 100% successful.

He hadn't counted on the friction between his latex gloves and the smooth metal utensils to be less than satisfactory though. He threw the whole medical tool tray into a nearby trashcan with great emphasis and then gave the table the corpse was on a great shove. The table rolled on its wheels across the empty floor and hit the far wall; the corpse jolted and slid off the table and straight into an open furnace built into the wall. The IV line jerked out and fell to the floor, Yo slammed the furnace door shut and pressed a button. Flames roared on the other side of the door as Yo watched the corpse start burning through a thick glass window. A shame, the experiment was going so well too... Come maid.

He motioned to a figure sitting in the corner of the room quietly, at his finger's motion, the figure stood up abruptly and began to follow him out of the medical lab. The figure was female in nature, with a great physical attributes and very long red hair. She wore tight leather that was quite revealing and showed a lot of skin. He didn't really have a name for her, but he called her the maid for short- her real nickname was the Crimson Maiden, aptly named for her ability to cover herself in the blood of her enemies. She was not a living thing, but a puppet- her appearance was that of a natural human though, no broken lines or scars on her body; Yo's exceptional skill with medical jutsu had given birth to what he called the "perfect puppet" While infusing the corpse with his chakra as he had turned the corpse into a puppet, he was able to retain the skin's natural feel and appearance, so even his puppet had remained sexy even in death.

She followed him obediently and silently, that was his preferred type anyways- socializing with humans was often tiresome and menial... so this puppet was like the perfect "partner" for him. Her dull eyes watched her master lifelessly as he controlled her VIA chakra strings. Her red hair glistened in the moonlight as they left the facility and returned to his abode, the Crimson Maiden was his finest work and he was very proud of her, even if she had been a despicable woman in life. In death, she served a better purpose and even provided a silent comfort from his secluded loneliness.

Alternate Characters ::N/A
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Re: Yosuke

Post by Rogue Akiyo on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:47 am


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