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Lilynette Bakuton (Killer Widow)

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Lilynette Bakuton (Killer Widow)

Post by Lilynette on Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:11 pm

[Lilynette Bakuton aka Killer Widow]
Character Age :: 20
Character Gender :: Female
Character Village :: Kumogakure
Character Rank :: Sannin

Character Appearance ::

Height: 5'6
Weight: 128 lbs
Bust: 38D
Waist: 25 inches
Hip: 36 inches
Killer Widow is woman of average height. She has green eyes and wears bandages over her long messy black hair that parts down in half at the small of her back. She wears a white skirt and provocative red robe exposing her ample bosom. She has tattoo on her both of her arm, show off her relation to the Bakuton clan. She wears bandages around her right shoulder and both ankles. Killer Widow also has wooden sandals and a cloak.

Character Personality ::
Lilynette prefers to go by her nickname Killer Widow, she finds the name more fun and fitting for her! Killer Widow is definitely a spontaneous, optimistic and unorthodox individual. It rare to see a frown on her face unless you start to disrespect her Raikage, her Village or her rapping! Killer Widow thinks very highly of her rapping skills and doesn't respect anyone who would make fun of rap or her lyrics. Killer Widow has a strong flair for drama and style and tends to be over exaggerate her emotions, stories and thoughts at times.

Killer Widow has a love for explosions. Pure and simple. From the time Killer Widow was a young girl she enjoyed, no, she loved to blow things up. The bigger the explosion and the amount of flying debris the better, until she got older and learn that small explosions can be just as fun as the larger ones!  Also she has developed a love for fireworks because of the the beautiful explosions they make when they go off.

Killer Widow is an outgoing and straight-shooting type of woman, she won't lie to you she will tell you how she feel, sometimes she might sugar coated or hold back but she won't lie usually. Enthusiastic and easily excitable, Killer Widow is a "doer" who live in the world of action. Being known as a risk-taker at times, Killer Widow is willing to plunge right into things and get her hands dirty. She lives in the here-and-now, and places little importance on introspection or theory, its all about the here and now with this female. Killer Widow tends to look at the facts of a situation, quickly decide what should be done, execute the action, and move on to the next thing.

On the flip side, Killer Widow can be extremely lazy at times and will spend an unusual amount of time sleeping and daydreaming but blowing something up or dream about sleeping. She been yell by her superiors on multiple occasions to stop falling sleep on missions or to be more assertive when Killer Widow enters this state of laziness. When it comes to sexual and romantic preferences , Killer Widow prefers women over men which isn't a shock due to being raise by two female lovers. Killer Widow will still date men but eh, she can't resist the blessed and curvy female form.  

Clan/Bloodline Name :: Bakuton
Clan/Bloodline Description :: Explosion Release (爆遁, Bakuton; Viz "Explosive Style") is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai. This chakra nature seems to give the wielder the ability to utilize explosive chakra in combat. This explosive chakra can be manipulated in many forms. Most common forms are things such as creating bombs (for example infusing explosion charka into clay and making the clay go boom), imbuing weapons to explode. Uncommon forms include creating objects out of chakra and causing them to explode, condensing volatile chakra on a set destination on the battlefield to cause an explosion. The explosions produce by the clan are loud which could cause hearing problems for the opponent. The explosions throw people away with concussive force. The explosions don't produce flames unless something flammable is caught in the blast radius.

Jutsu Affinity :: Bakuton, Doton and Raiton
Jutsu Speciality :: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu , Taijutsu and Fuuinjutsu/Kuchiyose
Jutsu Techniques :: Work on them later. If that is okay with staff.

Character Equipment ::
*Explosive Tags x 10
*Fireworks x 5
*Giant Scroll (Carried on her back)
*Mid size Scrolls x 2
*Katana x 1
*Clay pouch x 1 (With ten pounds of clay)

Character History ::

Lilynette  was born into and growing up in an unusual two parent household unlike most children who have the standard one mother and one father, Lilynette grew up with two mothers who raised their only daughter diligently, allowing their child to grow up in an environment that didn’t place any restrictions on one’s way of thinking which wasn't shocking considering that both of her parents were Artist. For the most part, they left’s mental and cultural development to her. They felt that each person was their own and that they should be treated as an individual.

Lilynette ’s first mother, Mei Bakuton is a fun-loving, spontaneous risk-taker with an excellent ability to quickly improvise a creative solutions to a problem. Mei is more enthusiastic, passionate and emotional then her lover Mito. Mei also trained Lilynette  when she was young but instead on her physical aspects. Mei focus on Lilynette  mental abilities in which she always play games with that test her mental abilities and steer Lilynette in taking up different forms of arts besides blowing things up. Mei discover around the age of six that her daughter seem to fond of paint and made a mental note to find someone to give her painting lessons or just to let Lilynette  learned that skill all on her own. Mei gently smiled as she pick up her daughter who was cover in black and yellow paint.

Lilynette 's second mother, Mito Murakami is very quick-witted, controlled, disciplined and clear-headed, quick-thinking, showing a great maturity, responsibility and intuitiveness; rarely being caught off guard or deceived. Being a battle-harden Jonin, She is a firm believer in Kunoichi ability, clearly under the impression that every Kunoichi should be able to care for themselves in combat since kunoichi face more dangers like being sold in slavery or being rape. Due to this state of thinking, she trained her daughter from a young age in the ninja arts focusing on her physical and weapon skills while Lilynette other mother, Mei, trained Lilynette  in the ways of Bakuton clan. Mito also promised her daughter when she got older she would show Lilynette  her style of art. Mito watched as her daughter with amusement as she tried to blow up a stray dog that eat her cinnamon bun.

When Lilynette  was eight years old her parents thought that she was old enough to enter Hidden Cloud Village 's ninja academy if she wanted too. So her mother ask her if she wanted joined the Academy, Lilynette  quickly told her mother that she was going to be world-famous ninja. When Lilynette  enter into the Academy she did so with a great deal of enthusiasm. She felt it was finally time for her to make an impact: for her to gain even more knowledge to use to better herself. Her goal in mind was to become a famous Academy student or maybe a more correct term would be infamous annoyance. From a very young age Lilynette  showed a great deal of "bravery" or what her mother like say "She searching for inspiration: which in nearly always was fuel on by her curiosity. She was always being scolded for getting into places she shouldn't go, for climbing up things she shouldn't be climbing, playing with stuff that aren't meant to be play with and her most annoying trait not following the rules. During the lunchtime, Lilynette  got bored and was able to sneak past her instructor by causing a food fight with the older students to go searching for explosive items, luckily she was caught before she found anything. When she had to learn about history, Lilynette  was the first person to fall asleep and first person to come up with an excuse on way she didn't do her homework. Lilynette  always came up with creative excuses or reasons why if wasn't done. Her favorite excuse was that finish her homework early but she forgot that she left it in her old drawer, which she blew up with her clay to make space for her clay statue of the instructor. Then she tried to put the pieces of her homework back together but ninja rats thought her homework was pudding so they ate it, Lilynette  then said was able to find the ninja rats that ate her homework but before she catch them a chicken eat them and then the Academy lunch lady caught the chicken and serve it to the staff. So it short Lilynette  said that the instructor ate her homework! Sadly for the young artist the teacher never believe her and sentence her to detention that soon became a daily thing for Lilynette . Lilynette  was also a bit of prankster when she was in the academy. Since Lilynette  was banned from using her Kekkei Genkai after one event that ended with a fellow student almost eating her clay. Lilynette  made paint bombs that were similar to smoke bomb but instead of releasing smoke it release paint. You had to admit seeing a man covered in pink paint is bit funny.  Even when Lilynette  was causing trouble she wasn't the stereotypical dead-last of class, sure when came to the technical and bookwork aspects of her classes,  Lilynette was average. When came to creativity, problem solving and art. Lilynette  was always the go to girl. Finally when  Lilynette faced the more physical aspects of the academy's teachings like sparring she was usually in the upper tier of students. Overall she was an above average student was able to graduate from the Academy being the third highest ranked student.  Lilynette  was twelve years old when she passed the graduation exam. Both of parents where proud of her and threw Lilynette  a small party the only contained the three of them. Mei made her two special artists, Mito and Lilynette  favorite treat, cinnamon buns. The three of enjoy a nice picnic under the sunset and then Mito fire off some fireworks that filled the sky with bright vivid colors ranging from bright yellow to hot pink. Lilynette  hugged both of parents before she fell asleep in their laps. The two mothers quietly giggled at their daughter cuteness as they made their way back home for the night. Both of them held high hopes of their only children as they tuck Lilynette  into bed and kiss her goodnight.

The squad Killer Widow was assigned too, sadly the other two genin on her team didn't like her at all and did they best to ignored her when the could. But finally luck shine down on Killer Widow, her Jonin sesnei actually took a liking to emotional genin. Killer Widow's sensei was a female named Rei was one of the most skill and well known Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu masters in the village, she began to train Killer Widow in special lessons where she would push her to the genin to limits. Rei saw the potential and passion Killer Widow had, as she watch the young genin training. As Killer Widow and her squad did more missions under the watchful eye of Rei, Rei prepared them for the up and coming chunnin exams. So for six months, Ai trained the squad hard and Killer Widow even harder.

Killer Widow stood in front of the exam building with her squad. For the written part of the exam, Killer Widow did okay with the rest of her team. She didn't have to cheat to get a passing score. She had a score of seventy percent which more the enough to pass and to move on to the second round, with Killer Willow explosive abilities and  her Kenjutsu her team was able to recover quicker and come back stronger than other teams. After three days of evading, fighting and ambushing other teams, Killer Widow and her team was able to get the second scroll and move on to the finals. Due to the small number of teams that pass the second round, the semi-finals were immediately started, Killer Widow was the first person up and she had to fight against her squad mate. It wasn't hard for Killer Widow to do since she wasn't like by her teammates expect for Sensei Ai. Killer Widow use here superior stamina with aid from her Bakuton Bloodline to blow her opponent. Once the opponent was exhausted, Killer Widow finished him off with her Taijutsu and move on to the finals but in that ended in a draw. Even if she didn't won the exams, her senesi was greatly impressed with Killer and decide to become her mentor. Also thanks to the great showing Killer Widow made she was promoted to rank of Chunnin.

After training with her sensei for number of years. Killer Widow was allow to take the Jonin exams, in which she had to fight against another Jonin of her village, in front of the Kage and group of selected ninja. She had to impressed them with her combat skills, she didn't have win the fight. All she had to do was impressed them. Killer Widow has three months to train before she would face off against her opponent. When the three months ended, Killer Widow was summon to secret area and had to fight her senesi. With some light banter between the two, the two of them took a fighting stance and began to battle. At first Killer Widow's sensei had the upper hand in the fight but Killer Widow was able to tough it out and fight her senesi to a stand still, as they fought neither one was able to seem to gain an advantage over the other. The battle last for an hour so far, as Killer Widow seem to trying while her sensei was still rearing to go. Just as Killer Widow's sensei was about to attack, Killer Widow shock everyone by admitting defeat. She told everyone that she know her limits and she was reaching them. The Kage and group of ninja talked for about five minutes and motioned Killer Widow to come forward. Killer Widow was prepared for the worse but she was shocked when the Kage promoted her to the rank of jonin.

After that Killer Widow continued to do work for the village constantly improving her skills and taking up dangerous missions for the hidden could village. Her reputation and skill  was noticed by many important figure heads in Kumogakure. And soon she was approach to take up the title of Sannin.

Clan/Bloodline History ::
The Bakuton Clan always been revered and envied; who wouldn't think so highly of such a thing? A group with the ability to create explosions wherever and whenever they wanted? They were treated like gods in all aspects of the phrase. Feared as much as they were worshipped, it obviously got a bit to their heads. They'd show off constantly and always bring up the name of their clan when they got talked down to or disrespected in any way. The Bakuton clan, you could say, is very prideful and impartial to being looked down on.
It was only when things got a bit too hectic one day and a building was blown apart that the concerned village elders stepped in and decided to keep close tabs on the clan from that day on. After that the clan operated for many centuries as a quiet and carefully monitored group by their leaders; the clan is known to have aggressive personalities and tendencies- this makes them a possible threat even to their own village.  Which cause many people to be extremely warily of Bakuton clan's members which cause the clan to become some what distant to their village. As villagers call the traitors and ticking time bombs waiting to happen.

Roleplaying Sample ::

Killer Widow stand there hidden in the bushes as she watch her target sprint across the sands leaving the village. Killer Widow watched her target carefully and excitedly. There been reports of an art thief lurking around Kumo who been stealing puppets and paintings and selling them in the black market. Killer Widow was a bit angry that this so called thief didn't recognize explosions as a form of art. As Killer Widow followed her target, making sure to stay out of sight, she place her hands in her pouch of clay and started to form two clay bats in the palm of her hands. The bats where no bigger than the size of her hand. "Perfect. I will show you true art." Killer Widow whispered as she let her creations take flight. Silently the two clay bats follow the thief with each passing second closing the distance between them. As the thief was running form the corner of his right eye he saw something white flying next to his ear but before he had time to respond, the two clay bat exploded as Killer Widow yell "Art is a Bang!" as she appeared in front of man who was now laying on the ground, bleeding form the sides of his head, the two explosions damage his ears, his left ear detached form his head. "You see my friend, art is and explosion and I shall turn you into fine art!" Killer Widow smirked as the man started to tremble in fear but luckily for him, A elderly male Jonin wearing an eye patch appeared beside Killer Widow and grabbed her right hand that was in her clay pouch. "Enough with the explosions, Killer Widow! You almost blew up the stolen art pieces."  The Jonin pointed towards the brown leather sack fill with small paintings.  Killer Widow nervously laugh as two other shinboi appeared beside the thief before taking him away to the village, disappearing behind a small trail of white smoke.

Alternate Characters :: N/A

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Re: Lilynette Bakuton (Killer Widow)

Post by Daisuke on Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:08 am


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