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The Life Stealer's Clan

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The Life Stealer's Clan

Post by Noriaki Usagi on Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:46 pm

The Life Stealers
Clan Description ::The Life Stealers (Though it is really just a title given to people who have encountered them.) Are now all but one. They were once a thriving clan of whom carried out night assassination's. Known for their skill with a bow they fast became legendary amongst the many clans of Konohagakure. Even throughout the other great nations. Most were seen as noble and trust worthy; as well as ruthless; however others were seen as relentless, and merciless which ended in lots of innocent lives being lost. Most of them are all purple haired, and purple eyed people. A majority of them all have long hair; as well as young looking features.
Clan History ::They were found in the forests of Konohagakure having lived like demons and monsters. savages, and monsters, their village was litered with skeletons of fallen victims who got too close or were their hunting targets. The Kage before all others had seen great potential in them, he used them in night raids on neighboring nations during times of great war. Their numbers grew and their village expanded within the walls of the nation. They had honed their bow skills far beyond anything anyone else could imagine; and with that came great accuracy and precision, speed and strength; making their bows unmatched in the nations. Night was their specialty as insisted in the first place by the Hokage and often times left massacre's in the quietest ways with no survivor's. As of recent there is only one of them left and that is due to the fact that they were slaughtered and betrayed by one of their own.

Demonic Pact
Kekkei Genkai Name ::Demonic Pact
Kekkei Genkai Description ::Some say that the Life Stealer's had made a deal with a demon to obtain a way to obtain an ungodly amount of speed when loosing their arrows. They can choose to raze a city to the ground, destroy and entire nation; or save countless lives if they so choose.
Kekkei Genkai Techniques ::Strafe: All Life Stealers get this; however it is depended on their rank at how much more speed their arrows get when loosed.
D Rank: 30% Faster arrows:Life Stealer's at this rank were able to loose their arrows at the speed of what a grown man could perhaps even a bit less; but still effective and lethal for their rank and age which would have been around the ages of 9-15.
C Rank: 40% Faster arrows: Life stealer's could now be equally compared to a fully grown man loosing an arrow at this stage, maybe even more depending on how much they trained their body to use the arrows effectively. Usually Life Stealer's age 14-18 have achieved this stage of strafe.
B Rank: 50% Faster arrows:Life stealer's are able to use a more abnormal speed one that not alot of people are used to seeing let alone dealing with. Life Stealer's 18-24 have perfected this level.
A Rank: 70% Faster arrows: Life Stealer's at this level are a force to be reckoned with as some have been known to raze cities with this type of speed and the force it generates. though it doesn't break the sound barrier it does come close; and boasts a considerable amount of force. 24-28
S-Rank+: 90% Faster arrows: Life Stealer's at this level are demons in the guises of man. Their arrows break the sound barrier and travel at inhumane speeds. Though visable the arrow itself when loosed from a Life Stealer of this calibur has the force to shatter bones and even kill if caught in it's path. Life Stealer's with this calibur of strafe have been known to have been known to be the most threat out of all the life stealers. This is the highest calibur one can achieve within the life stealer clan.
Noriaki Usagi
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Re: The Life Stealer's Clan

Post by VALKYRIE on Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:17 pm


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