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Banned Jutsu and Skills

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Banned Jutsu and Skills

Post by Daisuke on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:51 am

The following Jutsu are ones that are banned on the site meaning no one can have them or use similar sounding variations. I don't personally like to restrict user options but these are Canon Jutsu that are either OP or simply too vague thus are easily able to be abused. If you'd wish to have one of these skills you are more than welcome to take the description from the series and rephrase it so to stop it being OP. I would go through all the Banned Jutsu and rewrite them myself to make them less OP but that just seems exhausting, why not have the person the wishes to use the technique do it for themselves, right? With that said if you do wish to have any of these simply just PM either me or another Moderator with your revised version of the jutsu;

  • Senjutsu
  • Flying Thunder God Technique
  • Kamui
  • Rinnegan
  • Edo Tensei - Impure World Resurrection
  • Hydration Technique
  • Space-Time Jutsu In General

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