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Anelotte the Amazon

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Anelotte the Amazon

Post by VALKYRIE on Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:47 pm

The Fifth Legendary Valkyrie
   Character Age :: One Hundred & Seven
   Character Gender :: Female
   Character Village :: Iwagakure no Sato (岩隠れの里, Village Hidden by Rocks)
   Character Rank :: Tsuchikage (土影, Earth Shadow)

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 196 lbs

   Character Personality ::


   Clan/Bloodline Name :: Amazoness Clan
   Clan/Bloodline Description :: The Ryōiki which is a ability exclusive to them enables them to further display their natural affinity for war and especially their possessive and controlling mindset by inducing various effects around them. By using their will they can create widespread fields of chakra, ranging from a radius of a few feet to up to one hundred meters, with them acting as the epicenter. It doesn't take long for the field to reach its full radius, traveling at one hundred miles per hour.

Once used, anyone or thing within the field of effect becomes subject to the effects of the field dispersed. The abilities of the fields are near limitless, which is why the clan's abilities are so dangerous. These effects can range from causing anyone within the field to become tired and fatigue, to very well making it impossible for them and herself to use their chakra based abilities. The fields don't affect the user though, such as a healing field will only heal those around them, unless another Ryōiki user, uses their field around them. Albeit, based on how powerful a field is though it can have detrimental effects on the user.

The clan though has many drawbacks to their abilities. The members of the clan are also incapable of using any other ninja techniques besides their fields or physical abilities, such as taijutsu or kenjutsu. When used, unless using a field to hide their chakra, the users chakra becomes much more prominent than any other chakras, making it easy to track them. The most prominent flaw of the clan's special ability though is that after each use of the clan's techniques, dependent on how supplemental the field is there is a period in which they can't use any field abilities, this is dependent on posts out of character.


   Jutsu Affinity ::
Lightning Release (雷遁, Raiton)
Water Release (水遁, Suiton)
Earth Release (土遁, Doton)
   Jutsu Specialty ::
Taijutsu (体術, Body Techniques)
Kenjutsu (剣術, Sword Techniques)
Ninjutsu (忍術, Ninja Techniques)
Kinjutsu (禁術, Forbidden Techniques)
   Jutsu Techniques ::

   Character Equipment ::

   Character History ::
Land of Earth,
Iwagakure no Sato
December 2nd, 107 years ago.
8.49 P.M.

That was the exactly place, date and time at which Anelotte was born. She was born into the Amazoness clan, which were a independent clan of only female members which lived just on the borders of the Land of Earth. Her mother, Magarett, was a simple housewife, as were most of the women of the clan, but the clan was one of unity, believing that they were all one. In turn, the village's assets were always evenly distributed, which was more than enough to offer Anolette and her mother a life without financial stress in the small village. Her mother was a kind and caring woman who considered Anolette her pride and joy.

Distancing themselves from all of civilization by a protective dome which was always a nothing but a illusion of decorative patterns, Anolette never really understood what it was like to be out of said bubble. Other than this protective measure enforce by their leader, Anolette always had freedom around the village, since all the women looked after each other, and growing up Anolette was a peppy young girl with many friends. She had caught glimpse outside of the bubble whenever some of the elderly women would go out on "business", but it was always only a small bit. The first time she even learned of the male race was once when she was seven and the Tsuchikage had come to visit the leader. She had only gotten a glimpse of him, but she never forgot that moment.

Even though she wanted to see the world outside the dome, even though she wanted to see more men, anything really other than the day-to-day view of the village, Anolette accepted that she would never leave the village as very few did, and was for the most part happy to at least be in a place of love and sisterhood. And the peace all seemed right, until that day when she was ten and the walls which she had known all her life rattled and then collapsed and she had seen the sky, the really sky. She had never seen so many men before in her life, and she stood dumbfounded, amazed amidst the sound of chaos and mortality.

She had almost died then if it wasn't for her mother saving her just because she was almost slain by a Sand ninja. Her mother had gotten her somewhere safe while she herself helped the other Amazons on the battlefield. Albeit, with the numbers against them, and with the original Amazons not being warriors, they were relatively quickly overwhelmed. Before Anelotte herself could be killed the Tsuchikage had eventually made it to the village's aid, albeit there were only six survivors. He had managed to push the forces back, albeit with a impending war between the Sand and Rock village, and with many enemies wanting to obliterate the Amazons entirely, the Tsuchikage had granted them the offer to start anew.

Sailing the six of them out to see on a remote island which he himself trained on in solitude. Bidding them farewell with the promise that he would return once the war was over, the Amazons were left to the strange island. There priority would of course be to at least get some form of a civilization going, so setting off into the forest, Anelotte and the others journeyed the deserted island. They learned survival skills very quickly, and after only five days they had setup satisfiable living conditions for themselves. Anelotte missed her mother dearly, but all six of the women had suffered the lost of the rest of their family, so she found comfort in them.

One out of three of the children in the group of six, Anelotte got particularly close to Claudette & Cornelia. Cornelia was kind, loyal and one of the sweetest friends Arnelotte had back when they lived in the Land of Earth. Claudette who the two only got acquainted with when they started living on the island was fierce, blunt & selfish, albeit the young girl had a thing about her which made Anelotte and Cornelia feel like better people around her. It was scary really as the girl could insult them and they would still go crawling back.

Such a peaceful life was not meant to last though much like in the Land of Earth. The Tsuchikage had mentioned that he trained on the island,, but never did he mention why. And even though they always heard strange noises in the night, they dismissed them as paranoia. Albeit, by the their tenth day on the island, the they had an encounter with one of the many unexplainable creatures which roamed the island. Her and the other Amazons were forced to run, they escaped, albeit they were all forced into hiding. The creatures sought them out, wanting nothing more than their demise. For five months they became prisoners of the island they had gradually grown fond of. They were eventually found though once, and although death seemed inevitable, Cornelia was the one who showed them all what they were all capable of if they tried, unlocking the power of her Ryōiki, which was originally thought to be only capable by the Amazon's deceased leader.

With this new found power they forced the creatures into hiding, for now. The creatures would never stop wanting their demise, and it was obvious that there were much more of them out there. Cornelia helped them understand this power, showing them how exactly to use it. Besides learning how to properly use their Ryōiki, they hardened their combat skills, which they found out they were naturally adept at. They had made a barrier much like their old leader has, which drew upon all of their powers to protect them from the outside creatures, only going outside when they would go hunting. They were once more happy again. They learned to communicate with the animals, everything in nature, and eventually got word by birds that the war was over.

As promised, the Tsuchikage returned once the war was over. He requested they return with him, albeit they had turned him down generously as they now sought to make a life away from civilization like before on the island. The threat of "them" were problematic, but the elders acknowledge that if it wasn't for "them"  they wouldn't be the skilled warriors they had become. They had request though, and that was for the Tsuchikage to donate help contribute to repopulating their clan so they could start a civilization, which he did by donating his semen.

Benig too young at the time, Anelotte, Cornelia and Claudette never had any children then, albeit the elders of three did. They birth children in great quantities with the Tsuchikage's semen, gradually rebuilding the clan. The young trio did help raise most of these young though, training them in how to be mothers at a young age. To the girls growing up they never once had just one mother. They were all trained at a very young age how to fight. As soon as she was eligible enough to have children, Anelotte too started having children. She had made two children prior, Sophia & Diana.

For years, this was how the amazons lived. Most of their young had grown into older woman, they themselves having children to build the clan. Anelotte, being apart of the "Six Valkyries" a title which was given to her, Cornelia, Claudette and the other surviving amazons, Anelotte had a lot of authority naturally. Albeit, even though she was mostly appreciated by all, Anelotte was not the greatest of her clan. The amazons fought very frequently to decide who was strongest of their clan by their numbers. Several of their children had surpassed them, albeit the other five Valkyries were always among the strongest. The first three Valkyries were each ranked 1, 3 & 5. Cornelia was ranked 6 while Claudette was ranked at 4. Anelotte though, in spite of how much she tried, she was only ever so strong against her sisters, against the very children she helped raised, as out of the forty-four amazons on the island she was ranked nineteenth. Even the girls she had raised when they were children had come to tease her for this and Anelotte for this reason spent much of her time on the island's course hoping she could leave the island for the main land.

Her hopes would be realized though. The clan's semen reservoir was starting to run dangerously low after all these decades, and they needed someone who could go to the main land to collect more of it. Their leader, Athena, and the other Valkyries had decided that it would be a good time for Anelotte to regain her credibility among the younger amazons, and decided it should be her. With that, setting the girl off with a humble raft and sufficient equipment and food to get to the mainland, Anelotte set sail for the Land of Earth.

Arriving at the Land of Earth and later Iwagakure, Anelotte was admitted into the village as the Tsuchikage who had saved them all was still in reign. Anelotte had told him of the Amazons situation, and while he had wanted to help them, he was unfortunately not able to conceive anymore. Troubled, Anelotte analyzed her alternatives while the Tsuchikage, glad to have her, allowed her to stay as she pleased. To the elderly kage though the woman couldn't have come at a better time as he was now dying slowly from age. He had recommended her appointment to be kage of the village, albeit the elders and council alike were oppose to the proposition. Albeit, after witnessing the girl's battle skills and her clan's rare ability, after much debate, they allowed it.

With no reason to return since her mission wasn't complete, she never did. The sudden appointment of someone who they barely knew was not something which sat well with the rest of the villagers though, and for most part Anelotte had it rough with the villagers and earn their trust. Children would toilet paper her house, the she would get made fun of for her attire. Irregardless, she had a few supporters and they told her to make the village what she want and not what the villagers wanted. It was then she had developed the villages Colosseum and many of the other facilities in the village then. She removed many laws and placed Iwagakure in a much better economic position.

The village continued in much this manner for the last ten years, developing bit by bit, until it is today known as the most favored village because of its freedom, yet still maintaining a reputation for military strength because of the Colosseum's effect on shinobi.

   Clan/Bloodline History :: The Amazons weren't always apart of the Amazon island as they are today. The first clan members were originally all members of their own little village which existed just on the outskirt of Iwagakure. Back then they were simply a clan with their abilities. They had used their field ability to make it impossible for anyone from the outside to enter or attack them without their permission. The Tsuchikage then had told them many a times they could just be apart of the Rock village, albeit they had turn him down generously enough, still providing help to the village in small amounts.

The area which the Amazons village occupied though was sat upon the largest gold mine in the world. And unfortunately, while the Tsuchikage knew this, when the other villages got word of it, the Amazons were not to have a moment of peace. The other villages had started trying to get their hands on such a abundant gold mine. The Amazons, with help from Iwagakure had averted many casualties, albeit when a few of the villages had finally decided to join forces, they had finally overcome the village and the protective barrier place on it by the Amazon leader.

Many of the Amazons had died that day over a hundred years ago, albeit the Tsuchikage had helped half a ] dozen of them to escape. The villages, enraged, sought to kill the Amazons entirely, albeit setting them off on a boat, the Tsuchikage watched as they sailed away south-west. When the remaining Amazons had finally found themselves on a deserted island, the six surviving Amazons had reach a conclusion: start a new civilization. The twelve of them had used what they could from the island to develop the island into a suitable living environment.

Albeit, the one problem with building a civilization with only women though was obvious. The Tsuchikage had was sure to visit them though, and although weird, with a laugh, he had agreed to help them repopulate their clan. He was generous enough to donate enough sperm for them to reproduce their clans a few times over. Giving birth to a few children and raised them from the island, the clan repopulated their clan bit by bit. They had once more place a protective barrier over their territory. Living on the island was not as easy as it sounded though. The island while mostly unknown to most of the world, was in fact large, but was left alone because of what was there. Beasts of unfathomable power made it their hope, but the amazons were a power clan and survive, while training their young to survive in future year and in fear that someday the other villages would come after them again. For some reason they were only able to conceive children, but that didn't bother them one bit as they restarted their clan with only six women so having a clan of women only felt appropriate.

That was exactly a hundred years ago, and today the six Amazons who helped repopulate the clan would forever then be known as the "Six Legendary Valkyries".

   Roleplaying Sample ::
In the darkness of the night was when most villains chose to rear their ugly—or the occasionally good looking—heads. And although Krista never really fancied night patrol for the complications involve with not being able to see right and the fact that she liked staying home and probably watching a movie or such in solitude at night, here she was. Why? There were apparently rumors of a wolf/lycan of sorts lurking in the night, and she was intent on being the one to take it down to continue her streak as the Titan with the second highest points for catching villains.

Dressed in darker colors for the night, Krista walked blindly. She had no idea where she was going, and although it was probably a good idea to make a few clones of herself to cover more ground, she really didn't feel like putting that much effort into things tonight. Right now all she could think about was being back in the Titan's tower doing... well... doing just about anything.

A low growl caught her ears just about when she had thought to just give up. Half running, her skirts flaring in the chill night air, she ran to the sound. A few turns here and there and she was now within ear shot as the sound of a menacing growl came again. Krista almost ran past the alleyway where the lycan beast had a man pressed firmly against the alley walls, but in the corner of her eyes she caught it in the last second.

Wordlessly, without even consideration that there was another lycan causing problems in the city, she charged the feral beast—because let's face it, how many lycans do you see in your entire life. She threw herself onto it, hoping to get it into a arm lock. A stupid idea considering she wasn't the most physically conditioned person and she was fighting a wolf of all things, but who cared. Fights on bitch.

   Alternate Characters :: N/A

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Re: Anelotte the Amazon

Post by Daisuke on Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:31 am


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