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Site Rules

Post by Daisuke on Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:10 am

Normal rules apply and are set into play in order to guarantee that the forum runs smoothly for all its members.  

  1. Respect each other. Chill out and just enjoy yourself.
  2. Keep it PG-13. Swearing is allowed just don't do it unnecessarily. If you want just put [Mature] in your topic title and just go nuts with whatever.
  3. No Godmodding or Meta-gaming. Don't be OP and don't use information gained OOC(Out Of Character) in IC(In Character)
  4. No Spam. Don't spam any forum sections other than the General Section.
  5. Try and be "realistic" terms of the naruto universe. I don't want to see Genin constantly using stronger Jutsu without it affecting chakra/stamina.
  6. Can't be Two Places. You are allowed to be in up to three different topics at a time but you can't be in two different villages at once.
  7. Death. It applies to all topics without [No-Kill]/[NK] in the title and is permanent.
  8. Canons. Bloodline limits and Bijuu must originate from their representative villages as shown in the Canon. Unless you explain it otherwise in your character's history.
  9. Rogue Management. A character is only eligible to go rogue a week after being created. Afterwards if they aren't tracked within 24 hours they are deemed to be Missing. This only applies for characters that are created as part of a village. If you want to start off as Nukenin immediately it's fine.
  10. Enjoy Yourself, Else What's The Point?

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